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A few things are coming out this year that I'm really looking forward to.

Grant Morrison has a thirteen issue series called "The Filth." Admittedly I don't know too much about the series, but it's going to be Morrison unfettered by editors saying "you can't have our characters do that!" and I think that it's his first creator owned work since the Invisibles...so I don't see how this can be anything but entertaining.

At some point, to be fair I'm not sure if it's this year or next year, but at some point in the not to distant future, Brian Wood has a six issue mini-series of his coming out from Vertigo. "Fight for Tomorrow" with art by Denys Cowan. It's an "action/love story, dealing with troubled kids grown up and dealing with a past that insists on continuing to persecute them,” Wood said. “Two kids, Ced and Christy, were orphaned young and sold into what pretty much amounts to slavery and ritual torture, training kids to fight other kids for the entertainment of clan bosses in rural villages in Asia. After they are old enough to escape and relocate to New York's Chinatown, they realize that the miserable existence they just left also exists there, and it creates a whole series of new problems to deal with."

And finally there's the upcoming mini-series "Midnight, Mass" written by ex-Xombi scribe John Rozum! It's a series about a rich married couple who are utterly in love with each other, and paranormal investigators. Unlike the rather dreary paranormal investigator which we've all come to know and love, these two like their job. From what I understand the idea for the couple originated while Rozum was writing Xombi, but due to the titles cancelation he never got to use it. It sat around and percolated and changed and evolved into what we'll see in the upcoming Vertigo series.

For more info and preview images here are some links to Newsarama articles about The Filth and Fight For Tomorrow..

I couldn't find the newsarama article on Midnight Mass, but it does come out this week.

The Filth

Fight For Tomorrow.
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