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"In the Dead of Night"

This is a pretty good story from 1951, written by the versatile Hank Chapman and drawn in quaintly polite style by Pete Tomlinson. It first appeared in the eleventh issue of SUSPENSE, one of the few Marvel titles licensed from another Entertainment compay (CBS radio, in this case) and this is one of the few comic stories I've seen which appears to have been written intentionally with that series in mind. It has a "radio narrative" feel.

(Right-click each link and choose "save target"...if the lettering is too small to read.)¤t=InTheDeadOfNight1.jpg¤t=InTheDeadOfNight2.jpg¤t=InTheDeadOfNight3.jpg¤t=InTheDeadOfNight4.jpg¤t=InTheDeadOfNight5.jpg¤t=InTheDeadOfNight6.jpg

By the way: Read the story before you read the "comments" since obviously there will be discussion of Plot Points.

(I think I'll stop my postings here at three. I'll post more if there's any interest.)
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