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Old Comics: "The Masters!"

This is a perfect example of a situation which was to be repeated endlessly in 50's and 60's Science Fiction comics: Aliens come to the Earth with stern intentions, only to change their plans suddenly. Some of these stories may be better; few are more charming than the one seen here. I would LOVE to know who wrote the script; the art is by Master cartoonist Mort Drucker.

I hope you enjoy..."The Masters!"

(You may want to right-click each link and choose "save target," if the lettering is too small to read.)¤t=Masters1.jpg¤t=Masters2.jpg¤t=Masters3.jpg¤t=Masters4.jpg¤t=Masters5.jpg

By the way: Read the story before you read the "comments" since obviously there will be discussion of Plot Points.
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