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It's time to put on makeup! It's time to dress up right!

Another silly story! This one is from 1961, drawn by Steve Ditko, and written by Stan Lee himself. But this adventure is more reminiscent of THE MUPPET MOVIE than SPIDER-MAN.

I hope you enjoy..."The Ice-Monster Cometh!"

(You may want to right-click each link and choose "save target"...if the lettering is too small to read.)¤t=IceMonster1.jpg¤t=IceMonster2.jpg¤t=IceMonster3.jpg¤t=IceMonster4.jpg¤t=IceMonster5.jpg

By the way: Read the story before you read the "comments" since obviously there will be discussion of Plot Points.

(Just thought I'd re-post these stories here, since it's been a while since anything appeared in this community.)
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